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LILIEN CZECH - Authentic Czech Rhinestone Jewelry

Pearlesque Earrings Pierced ~ Silver NightsCrystaline Bracelet Wide ~ Crystal PurpleTarantula Headband Tiara ~ Yellow Jonquil with TopazCrystaline Bracelet Medium ~ Crystal Blue Sapphire
Crystaline Bracelet Medium ~ Clear CrystalRaindrops Necklace ~ White Opaque CrystalCrystaline Bracelet Wide ~ Clear CrystalSunflower Chunky Necklace
Fatal Passion Earrings Clips-on ~ Peridot GreenDangling Pierced Earrings #1 ~ Black and Clear CrystalSunflower Clamper Bracelet with Black LeafsSunflower Clamper Bracelet with Brown Leafs
Tarantula Headband Tiara ~ Blue AquaRed Poppy Earrings ~ Dangling with ClipsTarantula Headband Tiara ~ Emerald with BlackSunflower Ring
Walla Walla Necklace Set ~ Olive Green with RedSunflower BroochSunflower Clamper Bracelet with Emerald LeafsRaindrops Necklace ~ Violet
Flower Brooch ~ TopazCrystaline Bracelet Wide ~ Crystal Green EmeraldTarantula Headband Tiara ~ Red with BlackCandy Puffs Earrings Clips ~ Green
Rainbow Rain Pierced Earrings ~ Gold GreenRed Poppy NecklaceEarrings Green Collection Pierced ~ #3Raindrops ~ Necklace Two Rows ~ Neon Yellow
Dangling Pierced Earrings #4 ~ Clear CrystalCrystaline Bracelet Medium ~ Crystal PurpleDangling Pierced Earrings #3 ~ Clear CrystalDangling Pierced Earrings #2 ~ Black
Floralie Earrings with Clips ~ Green TonesCrystaline Bracelet Wide ~ Crystal Sapphire BlueRaindrops Necklace ~ Opaque Hyacinth OrangeSummer Neon Pierced Earrings ~ Neon Green Orange
Sunflower Earrings ~ Medium Size for Pierced EarsRaindrops Necklace ~ TopazSunflower Earrings ~ Dangling with ClipsRaindrops Necklace ~ Pastel Colors wioth Clear Crystal

Indulge in some truly  self-expression with our exquisite Czech rhinestone jewelry. We currently have over 1,500 limited-series jewelry models in stock. When you wear jewelry by Lilien Czech, you are wearing a genuinely singular work of brilliance. Let Lilien Czech be your energy..

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