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LILIEN CZECH - Authentic Czech Rhinestone Jewelry

Raindrops Necklace ~ Clear CrystalRaindrops Necklace ~ PurpleRaindrops Necklace ~ Opaque Yellow and JonquilDangling Pierced Earrings #3 ~ Clear Crystal
Lips Rhinestone Pin ~ Clear CrystalRaindrops Necklace ~ Opaque Turquoise with SapphirePicasso Jewelry Set with Earrings ~ Maroon with ColorsSunflower Brooch
Hersheys Necklace ~ Smoke Crystal with PinkCrystal Seahorse BroochHersheys Necklace ~ Opaque WhiteAlpine Quarterfoil Set ~ Aqua
Princess Necklace Set ~ RedRaindrops Necklace ~ Pastel Colors with Clear Crystal and PinkEmperors Crown ~ Clear CrystalRaindrops Necklace ~ Clear Crystal with Pink and Aqua
Snowman Decoration 13cm ~ 2Savannah Earrings Clips ~ EmeraldFondness Bangle Bracelet ~ TopazFantasy of Colors Set ~ Green Clear
Raindrops Necklace ~ AquaRaindrops Necklace ~ BlackRaindrops Necklace ~ Light SapphireRaindrops Necklace ~ Topaz
Hersheys Necklace ~ Opaque PinkPicasso Jewelry Set with Earrings ~ Fuchsia with VioletParadise Valley Necklace ~ MulticolorKnife Rhinestone Pin
Raindrops Necklace ~ AmethystShamrock Pin ~ EmeraldHersheys Necklace ~ Clear CrystalRaindrops Necklace ~ Citrine
Spoon Rhinestone HairpinRaindrops Necklace ~ Yellow JonquilRaindrops Necklace ~ Green PeridotPicasso Jewelry Set with Earrings ~ Pink
Raindrops Necklace ~ HyacinthCrystaline Bracelet ~ Medium ~ Crystal PurpleLips Rhinestone Hairpin ~ RedPrincess Necklace Set ~ White ~ Gold Plated

Indulge in some truly  self-expression with our exquisite Czech rhinestone jewelry. We currently have over 1,500 limited-series jewelry models in stock. When you wear jewelry by Lilien Czech, you are wearing a genuinely singular work of brilliance. Let Lilien Czech be your energy..

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