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Plating - Galvanization

The jewelry our company produces and sells generally comes in raw, unplated form. This means there is no final treatment to the reverse side of each piece. The product is ungalvanized, and the pewter joints that fuse the various parts together are visible, along with the original finish of the other components. This unfinished form gives each piece a historic feel.

If so desired, we offer optional plating and galvanization on every product precisely to the specifications of the customer. Galvanization can be executed in various colors, including gold, silver, black or rhodium.





A thin layer of precious metal (gold, silver, copper, etc.) is applied to the jewel, creating a uniform surface on the back of the piece and giving it a higher degree of polish and elegance. Should you be interested in having the products you have selected galvanized, don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@lilien-czech.com

The galvanization process

Galvanization is the process of applying permanent layers of metal to another metal object by means of an electric current. The object to be galvanized is connected to a negatively charged cathode and submerged in a bath of molten metal comprising a compound of the metal that is to be applied. A plate with a positive charge is inserted into this bath, and when electric current is applied, ions in the bath are released and uniformly settle on the surface of the object.

In order for galvanization to take place correctly, it is necessary to carefully prepare the given object. Preparation involves both mechanical and chemical steps. In mechanical preparation, the object is brushed to remove impurities, or is subjected to abrasion with sand in a special tumbler. The object is then sanded with wooden disks and polished with Viennese lime (iron oxide). The chemical stage of preparation uses acid to eliminate any grease and areas on the surface that have oxidized.

Prior to degreasing, the object is often suspended on wires to avoid it coming into contact with anything. These wires are them submerged directly into the bath and the galvanization process begins.

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